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How we write reviews


ur review philosophy is simple, keep it real. We love guitars and all associated gear and we know you do to.  We want to share that passion through our reviews and blogs.  At the same time, passion can lead to bias in reviews.  

we do not accept sponsored reviews

So we try to reel in our passion when we’re reviewing and to remain as objective as possible, at the same time as being aware of those more subjective measures like “feeling” and being “inspired” by the gear we’re reviewing.  These are some of the reasons that we do not accept sponsored reviews.  The integrity of our reviews is of the utmost importance.


The fact that we “rate” our gear reviews will not sit well with everyone.  After all, how do you compare two products with hugely different price tags, they’re aimed at totally different guitarists?  While this is definitely true, we feel that most gear reviews fail to actually deliver some sort of “verdict” or measure to help you make a decision.  So we use a system which we feel gives you a way compare models, even across price brackets. We also encourage visitors to make their own assessments via the user rating.

These “ratings” are solely the opinion of Guitar Verdict.  For this reason, we allow all visitors to make their own rating and leave comments.  Similarly, we understand that everyone has different priorities when selecting gear.  Some place “build quality“ higher than ” features” or “playability “ higher than ”sound”.  So we break down the ratings which means you can make your own assessment.

Audio clips

Where possible, we may include audio clips for the guitars we review, however this is purely to give some context to the “tone” discussion.  Too many reviews with video or audio clips turn into a debate about the ability of the player.  The purpose of the review gets lost.  So we will keep that type of content to a minimum, at least for the time being.

The tabs below go into more detail about our specific review types.



uitar reviews need to cover a range of areas from the specifications of the guitar, to the feel and build quality, as well as any comparisons to similar models.  A guitar is a system, a combination of materials and technology which come together to produce a final product.  The overall quality of the guitar is a result of how well that system works.

Our guitar reviews are based on 4 main criteria:

  1. Sound – this is not simply a measure of the pickups, but a rating of how the overall sound works for that guitar.  With the many combinations of pickup type, location and guitar materials, this is a complicated area.  But our ears are the judge for how a guitar sounds, so we’re not afraid to reward great sound, even with some unusual or low budget configurations.
  2. Playability – there’s no use having a great sounding guitar if you don’t love playing it.  Playability is a combination of all the elements that make a guitar great to play, the neck, the action, the frets, the whole setup.
  3. Build Quality – quite simply, this is a measure of how well the guitar is constructed and finished.  It’s amazing that some cheaper guitars are actually finished beautifully, and likewise, some more expensive brands cut corners.
  4. Value – this criteria gives a rating based on what you get for your money.  If money is no object for you, then you can probably ignore this rating…however, if like most of us, you need to stick to a budget, then value is what we look for.

The Overall rating is an average of these individual criteria.



mplifier reviews have a similar focus to guitar reviews and are based on 4 main criteria:

  1. Sound – the amplifier’s ability to provide a great tone is a combination of the type of amp (ie tube or solid state) and the workmanship that goes into design and construction.  This measure is an overall assessment of all the tones that the amp produces.
  2. Features – this is a measure of the features that come with the amp, taking into consideration the target market and price.  For example, a small amp is unlikely to have a noise gate or effects loop, so it won’t be marked down if it doesn’t.  If a small amp has more features than is standard in other models in its class, then it will score highly in this category.
  3. Build Quality – similar to guitar build quality, this is a measure of how well the amp is put together.  How durable is it?  Are there any obvious design faults etc.
  4. Value – this rating will take into account what you get for the money. Expensive amps need to offer a lot in the previous three categories to score well in this category.

The Overall rating is an average of these individual criteria.



ffect reviews cover both stomp box and multi effects units, however they both utilise the same 4 review criteria:

  1. Sound – this is the whole point for an effect pedal right?  Well, mostly.  For multi effect units, some other features such as loopers and DAW capability are very important.  But for the main part, “sound” is the primary measure.
  2. Features – effects pedals can be super simple, or frustratingly complicated.  Features need to suit the application, so a basic distortion pedal may have limited features, but a multi effects unit will likely be crammed with bells and whistles.  The score in this criteria will be a combination of how suitable the effects are and how easy they are to use.  So a simple pedal can score highly if the features are useful and easy to use, even if they aren’t high tech or complex.
  3. Build Quality – given effects get stomped on, left on the ground and thrown in gig bags, they need to be durable and well built.  It’s also nice if they look great.  This rating is a combination of those factors, with an emphasis toward the durability and quality of construction.
  4. Value – like other product reviews on Guitar Verdict, value is a rating of what you get for your money.

The Overall rating is an average of these individual criteria.



ccessory review description

  1. Due to the broad range of accessories available, there is only one criteria in this category…a simple rating out of 5 stars.