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Yamaha C40 Nylon String Classical Guitar Review

Yamaha C40
Yamaha C40
Yamaha C40


Body: Meranti
Neck: Nato
Pickups: n/a
Switching: n/a
Tuners: Yamaha
Fretboard: Rosewood
Finish: Gloss
Bridge: Yamaha
Frets: Standard
MSRP: $139
Buy: Buy on Amazon


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Terrific sound and build quality for the price.


None to speak of


Beginner value that is hard to beat

Posted May 24, 2017 by

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ylon string classical guitars are (for many) a first guitar. They’re cheap, easy to play (as in they’re not tough on the fingers. Some of you might have used these at school, some in lessons, and some might have very expensive classical guitars. The Yamaha C40 is arguably the most popular classical guitar in the world. It may not be the cheapest nylon string guitar, but the quality and value for money is undeniable.

Yamaha C40

The top is spruce and the neck is nato which looks a little like mahogany. The neck is a comfortable width, not overly slim. The back and sides are meranti and the fingerboard is rosewood.


When I play the C40, the first thing that occurs to me (and most people) is the sound. It sounds terrific for the price. It has a very full sound. I picked up another similarly priced well known classical guitar and was astounded at the lack of depth in the tone when compared to the C40.

Yamaha have a shorter scale length model called the CS40ii. It is about 70mm shorter, and slightly thinner in the body. This model would suit smaller players or those who like a compact feeling guitar.

Yamaha C40Package

A real feature of the Yamaha C40 is that it offered in a beginner package that includes everything a new guitarist could want. A gig bag, clip-on tuner, instructional DVD, strings, picks, and polishing cloth. Usually around the same price as the guitar itself, this is a great package and gift idea.

Some years ago, my son was getting guitar lessons at his school and had been using a 3/4 size nylon string guitar. The teacher contacted me and said “it’s time for him to get a full size”. I have an old full size classical guitar, but it is in terrible condition and I only really keep it because it was my first guitar. So I needed a new one for him.

The guitar teacher added, “if I were you, I’d look at the Yamaha range”. I think this conversation happens a lot around the world when it comes to beginner classical guitars.Yamaha C40


The Yamaha C40 is a top choice for beginner guitarists. It will give you peace of mind that in one or two years, you won’t need to be replacing it or paying for repairs. The sound is full (given the price) and the build quality represents great value for money. There are cheaper guitars, but quality and sound are highly unlikely to surpass the Yamaha C40. If you’re a beginner, or buying for a beginner, this is a fantastic choice.


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