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Digitech Bad Monkey Tube-Overdrive pedal review

Bad Monkey Pedal
Bad Monkey Pedal
Bad Monkey Pedal


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Value for Money, simple and high quality


Gain level doesn't go very high


One of the best value pedals available today.

Posted May 7, 2017 by

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Overdrive pedals are a great addition to any setup. Depending on the pedal, with one stomp of your foot, you can either get a little boost to your tone (with the level set low). Set the level a little higher and you’ll get a real growl and crunch. Some overdrive pedals even offer high distortion. In this review of the Digitech Bad Monkey overdrive pedal, we check out what is one of the best value pedals available today.


Digitech have a long and successful history. Their massive range of effects pedals have given guitarists literally dozens of high quality options. The Bad Monkey is their tube overdrive offering, and whilst discontinued, is still widely available and a real bargain.

Often compared to the TS-808 Tube Screamer, I find that the Bad Monkey is better suited to lighter applications. Some say that coupling the Bad Monkey with another distortion pedal can yield great results, though I think it’s fine on it’s own.


  • Level to boost the output signal
  • Low EQ adjusts the boost and cut of bass frequencies
  • High EQ adjusts the boost and cut of upper harmonics
  • Gain setting provides smooth tube amp distortion to your sound
  • Dual Outputs. As you can see in the image, there is an Amp output for connecting directly to a guitar amplifier. The Mixer output features Cabinet Emulation circuitry for connecting directly to a mixing board or recording device.


Bad Monkey PedalAs I mentioned earlier, I feel the Digitech Bad Monkey is best suited to light gain tones. Leaving the gain less than 5 gave me a nice boosted crunch that works well for blues or old time rock. Cranking it up higher definitely drives the distorted tone, but I found that the tone got a little muddy. Maybe that’s the tone you’re after, so experiment and see how you go.

The Bad Monkey is a favourite of many artists, most notably Phil X, who gets great results with just the Bad Monkey and his amp.


Compared to other overdrive pedals such as the Fulltone OCD and Fulldrive2 Mofest, the Bad Monkey offers amazing value. Costing less than half those exotic pedals, you’ll have plenty of change left over for another pedal.


The Digitech Bad Monkey Tube-Overdrive pedal is a inexpensive, high quality overdrive pedal that suits light gain applications. It’s simple controls mean you’ll quickly find a suitable tone and useful multiple outputs mean that it can be helpful in recording scenarios. For the money, it’s very hard to think of another guitar accessory that will offer more for you.


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