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Ultimate list of best gifts for guitar players

We’ve compiled the ultimate list of best gifts for guitar players, whether it be for a birthday or just because you’re feeling generous. This list covers every aspect of guitar gifts for any budget.

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[wpex more=”Click to expand” less=”Click to collapse”]If you’re budget allows, buying someone a new guitar is a fantastic gesture. Experienced guitarists are likely to have one or more guitars already, or know exactly what they want. In this case, it’s best to find out their tastes first. If they are new to guitar and you’re not confident on what they will like, or they are a child – then the following examples represent what we believe to be the best value for money.


Yamaha Pacific 012

Year after year, the Yamaha Pacifica range tops the “best value” lists. Many guitarists start on the entry model Pacifica (the 012) and graduate to other higher spec models in their range such as the 112V. The combination of nice looks, great build quality and excellent price point means that not only will this guitar be a far better option than pre-packaged guitars from your local supermarket – but will last years and be a fantastic instrument for beginners and intermediate guitarists.


Fender Classic Vibe Stratocaster

We recently reviewed the Classic Vibe Stratocaster, so you can read our review here. The Classic Vibe is afavourite pick amongst guitarists because it represents a real step up in the budget price range. It looks great, sounds great and will be a great choice even for intermediate guitarists.


Mid Priced

Fender Standard Stratocaster

For those who want a high quality instrument without paying over $1k, the standard Strat is a brilliant and very high quality option. With a huge range of colour and finish options, almost any taste can be catered for, but we think this 3-tone sunburst with maple fretboard is a classic.


Epiphone Les Paul Standard

Epiphone is the value brand from guitar giant Gibson, maker of the original Les Paul. Whilst Gibson’s cost many thousands of dollars, the more value oriented Epiphone brand offers great quality at an affordable price. Epiphone is the only other brand that can use the Les Paul name and shares many of the same features…indeed, many guitarists struggle to tell the difference in a blind test (see this amusing video from Rob Chapman). Available in a range of colours, this traditional looking guitar made famous by the likes of Slash, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Pete Townsend and Gary Moore, would make a great gift.


Ibanez RG Series

Boasting modern looks and a “speed thrills” feel, the Ibanez RG series is lightweight, well built and has a great reputation amongst rock and metal players. The RG series has a huge array of options and specifications, with colour, wood type and pickup options suiting most budgets. The RG450 is a mid priced model that will suit any beginner-intermediate guitarist who list to play fast.


High end

Fender American Stratocaster

Famous the world over and synonymous with rock, country, jazz, blues and just about every genre…the Fender Stratocaster is the default in many musicians eyes. Known for amazing clarity of tone, great build quality and resale value, the Strat will be a treasure for every musician.


Gibson Les Paul Standard

Along with the Strat, the Les Paul is one of the most iconic guitars of all time. The Les Paul was the electric guitar that started it all, and unbeknownst to many, even those guitarists who choose to perform live with other brand guitars, many of them record tracks with Les Pauls (eg James Hetfield and David Gilmour). If your budget accommodates this type of purchase, the Les Paul is a real collectors item and with build quality of the highest order, it is equal part instrument and work of art.


Paul Reed Smith Custom 24

For some there is only Fender, for others there is only Gibson…for those who can’t decide, many go with Paul Reed Smith. In many ways, PRS guitars are the perfect balance between Gibson and Fender. And this is exactly the point. The neck length is in-between Gibson (shorter) and Fender (longer) and it has the improved neck access of a Strat, but with a mahogany construction. The PRS Custom is the top of the range model and is coveted for its famous figured maple finish. Guitarists like Carlos Santana made PRS famous and they have now become known as a “player’s guitar” based on the build quality and attention to detail.




[wpex more=”Click to expand” less=”Click to collapse”]An amplifier brings a guitar to life and there are hundreds of models to appeal to any style of music or budget. In addition, amps now come in all shapes and sizes to suit gigs or bedroom practice. Here’s a list of some great options that you should consider when buying a gift.


Fender Champion 20

If in need of a small and reliable amp, the Fender Champion is a great option. We reviewed this amp recently, so you can read the detailed review here. Perfect for practice, this little 20 watt model will offer a nice clean tone and digital effects, as well as gain. For such a cheap price and compact size, its a top little performer.


Vox Pathfinder 15

Vox is a name that has been gracing music for generations. The Beatles, Queen and Led Zeplin made it famous (along with many more) and that pedigree has meant that many guitarists look to Vox for reliable tone.  Vintage looks are synonymous with Vox, and the Pathfinder is no exception. With clean and overdrive channels, as well as headphone line out – there is a lot to like. We’ve also reviewed the baby brother of this amp, the Vox Pathfinder 10 watt amp. You can read the detailed review of that amp here.


Marshall MG15CF

Is there any more famous name in guitar amps than Marshall? That black mesh and white Marshall logo are recognisable even to non musicians, such is the reach of this massive brand. The MG15 is a small 15 watt amp that has Marshall’s look and tone. Offering 2 channels (for clean and drive) and MP3 input, is a great option for bedroom practice. We recently reviewed the Marshall MG15CF, you can read the detailed review here.


Fender Mustang II

The Fender Mustang series is often winner of “amp shootout” compilations because of it’s great tone, versatility and affordability. This 40Watt amp will suit practicing and jamming and boasts a huge range of digital effects on the amp so the guitar tone can be instantly changed from clean and jazzy tones to rock and metal. The amp also comes with software to customise tones and share these with other amp users. The Fender Mustang is a very good option.


Mid Range

Roland Cube 80

The Roland Cube is as reliable as it looks sturdy. The self title “cube” build can stand up to the typical abuse that a portable amp undergoes, but don’t let the looks deceive. This is a very loud and very very good amp. Custom designed speaker, 3 channels and fully programmable effects – it is versatile and is giggable.


Marshall DSL5C

This Marshall tube amp has that famous Marshall rock tone, think Slash or Satriani. With two channels, effects loop, MP3 input and headphone (emulated) output, there are a heap of features to go along with that classic tone. A good portable size and PLENTY of volume means that this will suit practice and light jamming.


Peavey Bandit

This 80watt amp from Peavey is not only seriously loud, but has the award winning Transtube technology, which Peavey claims delivers the best of both the solid state and tube worlds. Probably the most impressive aspect of this amp is the amazing tone controls that are so easy switch from clean to crunchy and high gain tones. There’s a tone for everyone and the 12″ speaker is very high quality.


Fender Bassbreaker 007

One of the most exciting amps to come out of Fender for years, the Bassbreaker has been heralded by many as the best amp ever. One of the reasons that guitarists seem to flock to either Fender or Marshall, is that each is known for either a clean or gain tone. The Bassbreaker seems to have struck the perfect balance, offering guitarists a simple solution to all their tonal needs. The 007 is a smaller size model in the range, with great looks, tube power and a 5 year transferable warranty.


High End

Fender Bassbreaker 18/30 Combo

Twin Celestion speakers deliver huge sound from Fender’s newest star, the Bassbreaker. Two channels deliver the tone that any guitarist will like and the classic looks finish off a package that screams quality. This is highly sought after and desirable amp that will please any guitarist.


Marshall DSL100 Head

The default choice for thousands (even millions) of guitarists, the Marshall 100w head is world class in quality, tone, durability and longevity. 100 watts, all valve sound, digital reverb…and all the features that any serious musician needs to perform at the highest level.


Orange Rockerverb 50 MKIII Combo

Orange has a great tradition in music, Jimmy Hendrix, Jimmy Page…thanks to the great tone, unique looks and build quality. Some see Orange as a perfect alternative to Marshall, while others claim it has a tone and feel of its own. The Rockerverb 50 has big sound, switchable channels and the ability to reduce power for quieter conditions. That black case and mesh face also looks amazing, we have to admit.



[wpex more=”Click to expand” less=”Click to collapse”]If you need something different, effects offer a huge variety of options and there really isn’t any limit to the number of effects that guitarists can accumulate, so if you’re struggling for ideas, this is a great avenue.

Individual Effects

Fulltone OCD

The Fulltone OCD is one of the all time great overdrive pedals. Whilst slightly more than cheaper effect brands, the sheer number of artists who use this pedal shows just how amazing the reputation is. Think Don Felder, Keith Urban, Tom Petty, Joe Satriani and Jack Johnson…as you can see, that covers a huge range of music genres. With simple controls and a clean look, you’ll put a smile on someone’s face by gifting them this pedal.


Dunlop MXR

This phase pedal was made famous by Eddie Van Halen (hence the design that references his famous Frankenstein guitar), but many guitarists have found that the phaser tone can add great colour to many genres. A collaboration between Dunlop at Van Halen, toggle between phase types and dial in the perfect setting.


Ibanez TS808 Tubescreamer

For blistering gain, look no further than the Ibanez TS808. With multiple controls allowing the guitarist to control tone and gain, you can get warm crunch – all the way through to “screaming” lead tones. With an unmistakable look, this is a bit of a collector’s item.


Dunlop Cry Baby Wah

Unique, classic, ageless…the wah pedal has made guitarists famous and it started with Hendrix who introduced the world to this crazy tone and added a new weapon to guitarists tone. There are many wah pedals available, but none as famous as the Dunlop Cry Baby.


Multi Effects Units

Guitar effects units combine multiple effects into one unit, sometimes, there are hundred of guitar effects in the one package. Many are programmable and highly customisable…and for guitarists who need portability, having a multi effect unit is a really efficient way of carrying a lot of options in a small package.


Zoom G3X

The Zoom G3X is a great value multi-effects unit, and you can read our detailed review of this little unit here. It doesn’t take up a lot of space, has great features such as a built in tuner, looper, amp modelling, expression pedal, emulated output and ability to connect to a recording device.


High End

LINE 6 – POD HD500X Amp Modeller and Effects Unit

Line 6’s new edition to the POD series is JAM PACKED with features and tone options. With the ability to control amp and effect parameters, you can create truly unique tones. The unit can also be used as a MIDI controller. If recording and performing are on the cards, this will deliver in spades. The expression pedal can be used for wah effects. It can also control aspects of each individual effect, such as the volume or gain level. A 48 hour looper means that the guitarist can record and loop one track. They can then play along, meaning practice and song writing can happen even playing solo. The build quality is sturdy and functional, which makes it seem as though nothing is going to break or snap off.




[wpex more=”Click to expand” less=”Click to collapse”]If you have a small budget or the categories above don’t work for you, there are plenty of accessories available.


Guitar leads come in a huge range of prices, sizes and quality. Here are a couple of options that would suit any player.


Guitar strings break often, so every guitarist needs backup strings they can use when there’s a break. Strings also deteriorate over time, so a new set of strings is a cheap way to really improve playability. String selection is a bit of a personal choice. Hence, we’ve recommended some of the most popular options, which should suit any guitarists.

Electric guitar strings

Semi-Acoustic guitar strings


A capo is a device that allows a guitarist to change the pitch of their guitar. It’s something that some guitarists would consider a must have, whilst others may never have heard of one. We think it’s a nice accessory to have.