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Blackstar HTV-112 cab review

Blackstar HT112 cab
Blackstar HT112 cab
Blackstar HT112 cab


Speaker: Celestion Seventy80
Output (RMS): 80 watts
Weight: 17.6kg (38.8 lbs)
Dimensions: 62cm (24.4") x 53.5cm (21.1") x 29.4cm (11.6")
MSRP: $285
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Very solid build quality and generous sized cabinet


Celestion Seventy80 may not appeal to everyone


Generous cabinet and rock solid construction are the highlights on this affordable cab

Posted November 21, 2013 by

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Blackstar HT112 2


he Blackstar HTV-112 is an 80W 12 inch speaker cabinet, part of the HT Venue range from Blackstar.  Not to be mistaken for the similarly named HT-112 which is a 50W 12 inch speaker cabinet, slightly smaller in size.  There is also a 2×12 and a 4×12 in the HT Venue series.

The look of the cab is classic Blackstar.  Simple design, black with a sharp contrast of the white Blackstar logo. The mesh cloth and general construction are very high quality, which is what I’ve come to expect from Blackstar.  It is an open back, 16Ω mono design and is quite large as far as 1×12 cabs go.


  • Width – 62cm (24.4″)
  • Height – 53.5cm (21.1″)
  • Depth – 29.4cm (11.6″)

The overall weight of the unit is 17.6kg (38.8 lbs).  It is made of MDF using finger locked joints, so it is solid and heavy duty.  Speaking of heavy duty, Blackstar have used heavy duty thick gauge wiring in the HTV-112.

Blackstar HT112 3The HTV-112 is powered by an 80W Celestion Seventy80 speaker, in a generously sized cabinet.  The result I found was excellent, using an all tube head, I could go from warm cleans to biting gain – with a surprisingly loud and clear tone.  The Seventy80 speaker has a ceramic magnet and a frequency range of 80-5000Hz. I have heard the Seventy80 before and I felt that the large cabinet in the HTV-112 helps to fill out the mid-range and bass.  I think it suits a broad range of styles, though some might say that the clarity on the Seventy80 could be better.  Given the price, I think you get more than what you pay for.  You can also change the speaker if you like…and given the quality construction in the cabinet itself, this poses a nice option down the track.

As far as suitability to amp heads, it would be fairly obvious to pair this cab with a Blackstar HTV series head, such as the HT Studio 20.  You could also use it with the HT5 or HT1 (check out my review of the HT-5RH head).  Having said that, I think it would equally suit most applications for small-medium wattage amp heads.  Given the price is not an inhibitor, it will add some depth to small watt heads without blowing the budget,

The Verdict

The low cost of this cab really amazes me when you see the construction, classic design and quality speaker.  The generous sized cabinet compared to most 1×12 cabs is a huge bonus and makes the most of the Seventy80 speaker. Paired with a small-medium watt amp head or as an extension for your smaller combo, I think the HTV-112 is a great little cab, definitely worthy of consideration.



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