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Stagg Foldable Guitar Stand and Stool

stagg stool
stagg stool
stagg stool


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Light, portable and great design.


Seat padding could be thicker.


Super useful and portable combination of guitar stand and stool.

Posted May 15, 2017 by

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The Stagg Guitar Stand and Stool is a handy 2 in 1 accessory for guitar players who want to save space. As you can see in the image, it’s a stool with a difference. The back of the seat has a cushioned rest that cradles the neck of the guitar, which sits on the fold out arms.

stagg stool and standThe construction is not overly heavy duty, because the stool is made to be more portable, for travelling players. The stool folds up and can sit against a wall, or in the back of your car if you’re travelling to a gig. There’s no shaking or wobbling as you sit on it. So the manufacturers have done a good job in balancing light weight materials and a good design.

The fold out arms are padded all the way along. This is well designed, as your don’t need to be too careful when you place your guitar down.

As far as comfort goes, the padded seat is fairly thin in terms of padding, but it’s comfortable and is a good size. We’d recommend this guitar stand and stool to those who need a compact home stool for practising. It also suits gigging players who need something portable and compact.


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