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Gibson Switchblade Premium guitar strap review

Gibson strap
Gibson strap
Gibson strap


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Ultra high quality and amazingly comfortable




Probably the last strap you’ll ever need to buy

Posted March 5, 2014 by

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Gibson strap


guitar strap is a guitar strap, right?  Wrong.  It all comes down to what you want out of your guitar strap.  Some people go for exotic looking straps to make a statement, some people couldn’t care less and re-purpose a old belt as a strap, and some people want the best.  The Gibson Switchblade Premium guitar strap fits squarely into the last category.  If you have an expensive, rare or heavy guitar, definitely take a look at this baby.  This is the most lush and comfortable strap I’ve used, except maybe for a handmade sheeps wool strap I had back in the 90’s, but I lost it moving house.

Apart from the full grain top leather which is beautiful, the inner leather pad is soft and very well padded with memory foam.  The detailed stitching looks great as well, but by far the coolest feature is the integrated elastic strap which means that there is just a nice amount of give in the strap.  The result is that you kind of forget that you’re wearing it, because as you move, the elastic part of the strap acts like a shock absorber.  This could be a problem on very heavy bases, but I think it’s ideal for most of the market.



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