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D’Addario Planet Waves Guitar Cleaning Kit Review

D'Addario Care Kit
D'Addario Care Kit
D'Addario Care Kit


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Has all you'll need for general cleaning.


Might be pricey for some


A top quality kit for general guitar care.

Posted July 24, 2017 by

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uying a guitar is a great moment. Some of us slave over the process of researching and purchasing a guitar. For some, it doesn’t matter if your guitar cost $100 or $10,000…the process will often feel the same. One mistake many guitarists make is to neglect their instruments after they purchase. In doing so, their guitar will suffer in both playability and appearance. To neglect a guitar for too long can lead to permanent damage.

D'Addario Care KitIf your guitar has major problems, then a service from a professional is the best option. However, looking after your instrument with simple guitar care tools and materials can not only maintain that brand-new feeling, but prevent long term issues.

The D’Addario Planet Waves Guitar Cleaning Kit is a top of the line guitar cleaning kit from one of the leading guitar string manufacturers on the planet. Let’s take a look at the contents of the pack:

  • Fret polishing paper
  • XLR8 String lubricant and cleaner
  • Restore Detailer
  • Protector Guitar Wax
  • Shine Spray Cleaner
  • Hydrate Fingerboard conditioner
  • Polish Cloth
  • Guitar neck holding tool

Is all this necessary

D'Addario Care KitThere is quite a lot in this kit. So is it all necessary? You might be wondering, “why not just grab some fretboard oil?” Sure, fretboard oil is handy, but it will only do a part of the job. The kit has a simple 3 step process of restoring the guitar, then waxing it, and finally a spray cleaner. The all important fingerboard conditioner is there as well. The results are really impressive and the quantities in the bottles mean that the kit will last a long time (unless you’re lucky enough to have a dozen guitars). A tool to cradle the neck of the guitar is a bit of a luxury, but speaking from experience, it’s really useful.


This guitar care and cleaning kit has all the materials and tools you’ll need to give your guitar the care it needs. If there are more serious issues with your guitar, eg cracks or breaks, you’ll need to get it serviced by a professional. However, for general guitar care, this is a great kit. It comes in a good looking case, which keeps everything together and looks great.



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