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Guitar Verdict Product Listing

This is a list of all the products that Guitar Verdict has reviewed or covered. It’s an easy way to browse through our products and access not only the reviews or blog posts that relate to each product, but to access a link to purchase that as well.

We update this page as new products are reviewed, so we recommend bookmarking this page.

guitar iconGuitars


Epiphone Les Paul 60’s Tribute Plus | Read our review
Fender FSR Telecaster | Read our review
Fender Squire Classic Vibe 50’s Stratocaster | Read our review 
Gibson SG Standard | Read our review
Ibanez RG721RW-CNF | Read our review
Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 SE | Read our review


Cole Clark AN2A3-BB | Read our review
Cole Clark FL-2 | Read our review

Guitar amp iconAmplifiers

Blackstar HT-5RH | Read our review
Marshall DSL5C | Read our review
Blackstar HTV-112 Cab | Read our review
Marshall AS50D | Read our review

Effects iconEffects

Digitech Bad Monkey Tube Overdrive | Read our review
Joyo Sweet Baby JF-36 Overdrive | Read our review
Zoom G3X | Read our review

International Music-48Accessories

Stagg Foldable Guitar Stool and Stand | Read our review
Gibson Switchblad Premium Guitar Strap | Read our review
Korg GB1 Pitchjack Tuner | Read our Review