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Guitar Verdict is looking for new writers

typing on a computer
typing on a computer

Guitar Verdict is looking for new writers to be a part of our successful online source for those passionate about guitar. If you’d like to be one of a passionate group of people who just love to learn about guitar and share their knowledge with the world, then read on.
http://www.guitarverdict.com is a source for regular guitarists and musicians looking for information and tips on everything guitar. Reviews, lessons, DIY, theory, professional, amateur…you name it.

After a big launch some time ago, Guitar Verdict is ready to expand its writing team and recommence feeding the hungry public with new and interesting articles and information. The site attracts thousands of visitors per month.

If you’re interested in joining the team, please follow these steps.

1. Write to admin@guitarverdict.com with your contact details, including name and preferred email.
2. Include a short written piece on any guitar topic to showcase your style. No more than 250 words.

We will select 4 or 5 new writers to join the team. If you’re selected, we will contact you regarding how your contributions will be brought to life.

The team @ Guitar Verdict